Past Patron and Present Patron open the Ramp 2012

23 March 2014

Present Patron, Paul Bishop, with Present Commodore John Simpson, Past Patron Helen Murray and Ian Kelp Past Commodore of the Wynnum Redlands Canoe club  open the new canoe and kayak lauching ramp in 2012. Well done to all involved, Redland City Council Officers and Committee for a great job well done! 

Disaster and Resilience Forums

23 March 2014

In March 2014, Redland City Council officers worked with local councillors to convene a series of 'collaborative' engagement forums with community to exchange relevant feedback and stories about 'on the ground' issues that may impact emergency management strategies & planning.

This is part of a continual improvement process that seeks to empower community in assuming responsibility and autonomy while also seeking to get valuable input to local area disaster management plans.

This video was produced by local Redland City Councillor Paul Bishop.

Notice of Motion for Community Consultation

21 March 2014

On the same day in early 2014, that Redland City Councillors voted on the plan for Toondah Harbour & Weinam Creek Priority Development Areas (PDA's), amidst tremendous community consternation,
Cr Paul Bishop from Redland City's Division 10 (Birkdale/Thorneside), proposed his first 'Notice of Motion', asking his elected peers to commence of a phase of community consultation and collaboration to provide relevant feedback into the preparation of our new Redlands Draft Planning Scheme.

3 councillors supported, 
6 rejected the NOM 
(the mayor was absent).

Thanks to supporters within Redland City, residents, officers, family, friends & Crs. Wendy Boglary, Murray Elliott & Craig Ogilvie.

Best wishes
 Paul Bishop

Reduce Waste!

08 March 2014

One of Paul Bishop's commitments to community is to reduce waste.

Waste refers to any resource that is not put to positive use in our community.

Human energy, material waste, economic waste etc.

Happy Hounds of Birkdale Barkers

08 March 2014

Once upon a time, there was a rickety ol' fence, a mud-puddle entrance & busted gate at Lachlan Street Dog-Off-Leash Area in downtown Birkdale, Division 10, in Redland City Council.

Then one day, it came to pass, that the community got together with one mighty voice and a clear idea that they expressed to their local councillor, who passed it on to the amazing officers in Redland City Council.

Soon, all Councils horses and all councils men, worked to put concrete & double gates in, to make our four-legged friends' owners happy.
Before long, the dogs and their owners had a lovely time together, and they all lived waggishly ever after.

Here's to the Ann's & Anne for emails, to all Birkdale Barkers, to Council Officers for a great result.
With thanks for a great example of Local Community Action,
Cr. Paul Bishop.