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SUBMISSIONS CLOSING SOON regarding Koala Management Areas. Your responses are due Tuesday 5pm, 15 March 2016. I know many people have been in discussion regarding the matter and many may have made a submission already. If you need some assistance, please consider the following.   The process does not need to be complex. It can be as simple as you want, however:   For your submission to be considered it must: · …

Where to Vote in Division 10 Redland City

On 19 March, residents have 3 places to go and vote: * John Street Church, Thorneside  * Birkdale State School, Birkdale * Birkdale South State School, Birkdale    

Beach Volleyball Court Completed End 2014

The creation of this beach volleyball court for $5,000 was one of the most cost-effective healthy lifestyle additions to our area and it has been widely used by many people: (locals and visitors alike).

Willard/Cottons Farm 'The Pines' & Birkdale Lands

One of the most significant parcels of land in Birkdale has an uncertain future. 250 acres of Commonwealth owned property, adjoining the 150 year old 'Willard' homestead, was once part of an entire pastoral acreage estate. I first heard a rumour about some changes on 16th January 2015. So, I asked all councillors & the mayor via email if they knew anything.  One said they had not heard any news. Another…

Local Parks Saved from Proposed Sale:

One of the best examples of Local Community Action was in relation to the proposed sale of local parks.    After initially failing to convince councillors that selling local parks would not please residents, they decided to proceed.  Fortunately, I was able to insist on taking the proposal to community consultation during City Plan 2015, which resulted in their proposal being overturned… for now. (For More information, read on…)   During the past 4 years of council,…

Supported Removal of Wrecks from Tingalpa Creek

REMOVE THE WRECKS FROM TINGALPA CREEK It happened like this: A respected lady paddler said she was fed up with the look of the creek and these massive hulks sitting, rotting there. Letters she sent to the state department came back suggesting 'nothing would be done'. So, she talked to a friend who called me to come and have a look on Clean Up Australia Day 2015. I suggested we invite Don Brown, MP…

Tingalpa Trot!

The 2014 Tingalpa Trot was another amazing achievement for the Wynnum Redlands Canoe Club. A large flotilla of young and old paddlers set off at impressive speed, amongst laughter and celebration, over a number of staggered starts. The participants paddled from the Ferry Road, Thorneside clubhouse en route to Capalaba for the annual 5km leg, and some returned for the 10km event. Olympic Gold Medallist Tate Smith joined the field…

BushCarers of Birkdale unite!

Helen Street Birkdale Bushcare ‘Group Planting’ Willing hands make a massive difference.  There are active 4 Bushcare Groups in Division 10: Two in Birkdale: http://indigiscapes.redland.qld.gov.au/Programs/Bushcare/Pages/Birkdale.aspx  Two in Thorneside: http://indigiscapes.redland.qld.gov.au/Programs/Bushcare/Pages/Thorneside.aspx Both groups are run by a group of committed volunteers, whose work makes a significant difference in the management and maintenance of environmental corridors in council parks, reserves and along waterways. Each group meets once a month for a 2hrs and have support…

Great MATES!

Mates Theatre Society are a talented group of local actors, directors, technicians and producers of musical and theatre events from across Redland City and SEQ. As a proud Patron of this group, I can assure you that any evening you have in their company will be a celebration worth remembering and supporting. The Troupe are based in the historic Birkdale ‘School of Arts’ Hall on Birkdale Road For more information,…

Recent road upgrades

Redland City Council Officers and Contractors have been working overtime to clear the backlog of road upgrades that are needed across the city. Mooroondu Road, Thorneside Road and Thorne Road are just some of the major upgrades that have taken place in Division 10 over the past 2 years.  Remember to report potholes and stay safe on the roads.  Residential Areas are always 50km/hr (unless otherwise signed) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  0478 836…

Past Patron and Present Patron open the Ramp 2012

Present Patron, Paul Bishop, with Present Commodore John Simpson, Past Patron Helen Murray and Ian Kelp Past Commodore of the Wynnum Redlands Canoe club  open the new canoe and kayak lauching ramp in 2012. Well done to all involved, Redland City Council Officers and Committee for a great job well done! 

Disaster and Resilience Forums

In March 2014, Redland City Council officers worked with local councillors to convene a series of 'collaborative' engagement forums with community to exchange relevant feedback and stories about 'on the ground' issues that may impact emergency management strategies & planning. This is part of a continual improvement process that seeks to empower community in assuming responsibility and autonomy while also seeking to get valuable input to local area disaster management…

Birkdale Fire January 2013

Paul Bishop is local Redland City Councillor for Division 10 (Birkdale/Thorneside). He spent time with Emergency Services personnel as they helped to manage public safety and protect public infrastructure that was bordering onto a significant grass fire. With permission from the Regional Fire Inspector (Rob Boniwell), Cr Bishop observed a successful back-burn operation and interviewed some members of the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service. End Credit music by 'The Little…

48 Hour Charity event for the Koala Fun Run

After securing some extra funding the Redlands famous Koala Fun Run is back in full swing and will run across a whole 48 charity event at the Victoria Point Sporting Club.  Get training for May 23- 25, 2014! You can read more here: http://news.redland.qld.gov.au/2014/03/new-lease-of-life-for-koala-fun-run/

Notice of Motion for Community Consultation

On the same day in early 2014, that Redland City Councillors voted on the plan for Toondah Harbour & Weinam Creek Priority Development Areas (PDA's), amidst tremendous community consternation,
Cr Paul Bishop from Redland City's Division 10 (Birkdale/Thorneside), proposed his first 'Notice of Motion', asking his elected peers to commence of a phase of community consultation and collaboration to provide relevant feedback into the preparation of our new Redlands Draft…

Disaster Resilience Forums

As a local councillor I urge you to take part in these discussions....local discussion happening this weekend at Wellington Point http://news.redland.qld.gov.au/2014/03/snapshot-18-march/ Redland City Council  Disaster Resilience Forums Help us plan for future emergencies Come along to a disaster resilience forum in March and help Council and other emergency agencies prepare for, respond to, and recover from disaster events. Community feedback will inform Council’s Disaster Management Plans. Local knowledge is invaluable in this process. Forums Wednesday 19 March,…

Community Forum on the Priority Development Area Toondah Harbour

In this video: John Mainwaring (Senior Architect with immense expertise in designing Marina's) Presents on behalf of his team of designers in search of a better future for Toondah HArbour & Cleveland CBD.
Over 2 days in Feb/March 2014, a concerned community of architects, designers, landscapers, surveyors, planners and engineers gathered in response to a Redland City Development proposal for Toondah Harbour that was given PDA (Priority Development Area) Status…

Toondah Harbour PDA Community Forum

In this video Shane Thompson (Architect) outlines 3 Scenario's as a result of two days of intensive workshop among designer peers & Community.
Early 2014, a concerned community of architects, designers, landscapers, surveyors, planners and engineers gathered in response to a Redland City Development proposal for Toondah Harbour that was given PDA (Priority Development Area) Status by the State Government, who reserve final approval. A section of the community have…

Community Forum on Toondah Priority Development Area

Early 2014, a concerned community of architects, designers, landscapers, surveyors, planners and engineers gathered in response to a Redland City Development proposal for Toondah Harbour that was given PDA (Priority Development Area) Status by the State Government, who reserve final approval. A section of the community have many issues with the potential extent of the sweeping powers that could be used in this project. In a spirit of goodwill and…

Redlands Housing Strategy Forum 2012

On Wednesday 11 April 2012, Redland City Council conducted a Housing Strategy Forum with stakeholders, planners, developers and community representatives.
Paul Bishop attended and filmed this brief snapshot/review.
The Redlands Housing Strategy can be found here:

Redlands Men's Shed Overview

Mens Sheds are popping up all over Australia. Shoulder to Shoulder, men working together within our community.
In Redland City, Mens Sheds are on the rise as people come together to share skills, stories and experience. In this video, Cr. Paul Bishop interviews RCC Community Futures officer, Frank, who is helping groups to work with council, commerce and community. For more information, contact mensshed.org

Redland City Volunteer Emergency Workers

After the Bushfires, then wind and rain at the start of 2013, Redland City Council says 'thank you' to officers and VOLUNTEERS who worked tirelessly and risked life to support our community. SES Volunteers in Redland City are ALL VOLUNTEERS, so when you see their uniform or call for help, Know that they are active contributors to the health, wealth and wellbeing of our community. However you can help, support,…

Business Grow

Individual Entrepreneurs are the foundation of our local, regional, and national economy. Redland City is the most magnificent place to live.
Melanie can help our Redland City Businesses to Grow. For more information Call 1800 282 208 Search: Redland City Business Grow or

RedArts 'Ignite Redlands' Festival 2013

The passionate RedArts Committee and ArtsLink's 'Animating Spaces' Project, assisted by Redland City Council and an army of creative community volunteers worked to revitalise Cleveland CBD in a 3 Day 'Light Arts' Festival in 2013. The event attracted over 7500 people, and the Showcase Saturday Night 'Light Parade' journeyed through crowded streets to the Raby Bay Twilight Makers Market, that had been established in the lead-up to this event. Congratulations…

Reduce Waste!

One of Paul Bishop's commitments to community is to reduce waste. Waste refers to any resource that is not put to positive use in our community. Human energy, material waste, economic waste etc.

Our Local asset - Stradbroke Island

Point Lookout Community Hall is stunningly situated in the heart of NSI's surfside community, on Home Beach. This video by Paul Bishop, shows the hall from various perspectives, as it was on the opening celebration weekend in early 2012. Residents and visitors alike will find this to be one of the most spectacular community halls in SEQ. To create the design, the islands diverse, creative community united with consultants, council,…

Redland City Council Officers fundraising for Angel Flight

Redland City Council's General Manager of Organisational Services, Nick Clarke is a passionate advocate for community values. In his 'spare time', Nick volunteers his time to support 'Angel Flight'. In August 2013, Nick will embark on a fundraising and awareness raising journey around Queensland. Supported by the Local Government Managers Association, Nick will fly with the plane's owner to regional councils around the state to encourage connection and collaboration in…
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