The importance of the Redlands 2030 Community Plan

Please view this before voting Paul Bishop Arts Evolution

Our Redland City Community voted for 10 Councillors and 1 Mayor on 28 April, 2012.

The 2030 Redlands Community Plan was designed by many thousands of our City's most thoughtful and committed citizens, over a long period of collaboration and deliberation. 
In the next term of council 2012-2016, councillors will design the next TOWN PLAN, including all development of land, buildings and infrastructure. 
It is fundamental to our community health, wealth and wellbeing that all Councillors and Mayor support the values and principles within the Community Plan. 
For the future of Democracy, please: 
Familiarise yourself with the Plan
Ask your preferred Councillor or Mayor if they support the Community Plan which has been developed 'of the people, by the people, for the people'.

Queendland State Government has since removed the statutory requirement for Community Plans to be compulsory for Local governments. 

But it is still part of Redland City Council guiding principles. 

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