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What do I stand for?

  • I don’t do party politics.
  • I’m independent and self-funded.
  • I represent YOU and your needs.
  • I listen, I care, I respect diversity.
  • I work to deliver common sense outcomes.
Real people. Real issues. Real solutions.
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Thanks to those who volunteered to help for this election.

Due to the recent COVID- 19 outbreak we have been very mindful that we limit the spread of the virus. We have successfully advocated for the removal of volunteer power en mass for this local election at pre-poll. We are hopeful that this will continue for the election day as well.

We hope that you and your families stay safe during this time, and please remember to keep physical distance as prescribed by health professionals.

Our community is strong. By thinking creatively there are still many ways we can connect and look out for one another. Remember: kindness matters.

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Cr Paul Bishop

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Paul is councillor for RCC's Division 10 Views expressed herein are personal and not representative of Redland City Council

Cr Paul Bishop

Cr Paul Bishop

7 hours 10 minutes ago

And with this excitement, I bid you all a good night! Stay well, everybody.

Cr Paul Bishop

10 hours 4 minutes ago

For those playing along... Election Results to be Updated (No Scrutineers under new #PhysicalDistance protocols) Thanks to all who have helped, hosted signs, letterbox dropped,…

Cr Paul Bishop

15 hours 44 minutes ago

Thorneside Polling Booth CLOSED by ECQ (Please vote at Birkdale State or Birkdale South State School)

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