Local Community Action

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Meed)

Aquatic Paradise East Waterfront Park improvement survey

Residents between Dorsal Drive, Makaha and Thomas St are invited to participate in a survey to have a say on changes being proposed for the Bath St Park.

Your private information will not be shared with third parties.

What is Local Community Action?

It is working together with a shared vision and shared voice to create positive change.

Over the past eight years this citizen inspired process has delivered many results.

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Recent LCA Actions

Project: ‘Collingwood Road Spoonbill Intersection Upgrade’
Timeframe 2012 -2015

Action: Safety concerns for pedestrians & motorists lead to St Mary MacKillop P&F president making contact.

Outcome: After advocacy, petitions, appeals to council and meetings with officers, Upgrade Delivered & safety increased.


Project: Thorneside Road Safety
Timeframe 2012 -2019

Action: Safety Concerns raised by Vision Impaired residents requesting safer road crossing between shops and rail station in 2012.

Outcome: a) Two Pedestrian Refuge upgrades delivered in 2015 b) Safer crossing at Thorneside Road & Railway Parade East c) Improvements to pedestrian crossing and refuge, and cycleway between Railway Parade and Thorneside Road

Project: ‘Saving Local Council Parks’
September 2015 – December 2015
Thousands of residents petition & lobby to prevent proposed rezone/sale of Redland City Council Parks (Div 10:Quarry Road; Fisher Road Penny Lane)

Outcome: Mayoral Minute proposed a reversal of the decision to proceed with sale.
Bonus Community Outcome:
Every month, over a dozen Bushcare volunteers now manage the native flora and fauna, as a way to protect and preserve the Penny Lane park.

Project: ‘Preserve Historic Willard Farm’

Action: After 153 year old homestead was proposed for demolition with no identified heritage significance, residents lobbied to state government for intervention. This area was removed from Div 10 at the last election. In 2020, it was returned to Div 10.

Outcome: a) Property & dwellings saved. b) Council buys property. c) Council lists property on local heritage register.

Project: ‘Birkdale Commonwealth Lands’
Timeframe: From 2019 

Action: The larger portion of the Commonwealth Lands in which the Willard’s Farm property is located, was bought by Redland City Council in December 2019 from the Federal Government Dept of Australian Communications and Media Authority. This block is being consider for heritage and ecological values ahead of future planning.

FUTURE: Redland City Council  is currently discussing the heritage and ecological values. Planning for the site is also being considered. Stay tuned.

Project: ‘Removal of Tingalpa Creek Wrecks’
Timeframe: April 2015- 2018

Action: Individuals from Wynnum Redlands Canoe Club contacted local & state representatives, requesting assistance to remove dangerous hulks after departmental refusal. Campaign mounts and invites other groups, individuals to join and lobby. Div 10 Councillor Petitions State Government, sponsored by State Member for Capalaba.

Phase One:
Maritime Safety Queensland mobilise to remove nine dangerous wrecks from shipping lane in 2015.
Phase Two:
Subsequent campaign widens, requesting more wreck removals with Dept of Environment support. Completed 2018.
Ongoing Action:
WRCC members continue to remove several skips worth of rubbish from Tingalpa Creek every year on ‘Clean Up Australia’ Day in partnership with Redland City Council & State Government.

Project: 100 Dorsal Drive Development Application
Timeframe: Phase 1: May 2015 / Feb 2016 – Completed October 2019
Action: Originally proposed for 4 Story, 26 Apartments (single and 2 bedroom), this Impact Assessable D.A. raised great concern within the community, as it breaches planning scheme.
Residents did not opposed development, rather the scale, bulk, size & amenity. Called in by Cr Bishop for Assessment by council. There were 217 properly made submissions by residents.
Outcome: a) Initial proposal reduced by developer from 26-22 Apartments. b) After assessment & submissions developer reduces back to 16 units, 3 Floors (in line with Planning Scheme). c) Property purchased by local developer and increased to 17 Units, delivered to high standard

Project: 24 Alma Street Development Proposal
Sep. 2015-Oct. 2017
Change from 12 Units to 5 house lots.

Phase 1: Residents objected to increased infill impacts. Result: Reduction from 12 to 8 Units approved by RCC.

Phase 2: Local developers then bought property and delivered 5 house lots, respecting residents wishes for the area.

Project: Drive Through at Birkdale proposed’

Timeframe: January – June 2020

A drive-through takeaway establishment was proposed at the busy roundabout intersection at Birkdale Rd and Mary Pleasant Dr. Birkdale.

Action: Residents brought their support, concerns and issues to my attention and they formed a Local Community Action group to galvanise ideas and issues to enable all voices to be heard.

Outcome: After considering all of the impacts and planning matters, the proposal was not recommended for approval by Redland City Council Officers.

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