Redland City Council 2020 Local Government Election

Local Election Day – 28 March 2020

COVID -19 Election measures click here 

NOTE: Election information is changing dynamically due to the COVID -19 outbreak.  Please check the offical websites for up-to-date information.

Telephone voting is available for certain eligible voters, including anyone who has been advised by a medical practitioner to remain in isolation during the election period due to exposure to COVID-19.  Call 1300 912 782 to check eligibility for telephone voting.

Follow Queensland Health and medical advice regarding contact with other people and consider your capacity to vote during the two-week early voting period.

Call the ECQ on 1300 881 665 before election day if you are unable to vote due to medical reasons.

Which Division am I in?

The local government electoral boundary has changed since 2016. Please review the NEW boundaries for local elections on the Queensland Electoral Commission site.

Electoral Commission Queensland Website

Division 10 Polling Booths

  • Thorneside Community Hall (200 Mooroondu Rd)
  • Birkdale State School (74 Agnes Street)
  • Birkdale South State School (451 Old Cleveland Road East)
  • Wellington Point State High School (Anson Road)
  • Pre-Poll Locations: (from 16 March – Capalaba, Cleveland)

Local Community Action

As we approach the Local Government Elections, 28 March 2020, I want to let you know that I would be honored to continue to represent community needs and your aspirations, should I be re-elected.

As a husband, father, citizen and your local elected representative for the past eight years, I remain truly grateful to serve in the role.

What is

‘Local Community Action’?

When one person shares an idea, issue or vision that makes common sense, others can join together and become stronger to create positive change.

Find out more about Local Community Action

Improved parks 
Support for community groups
Direct consultation with residents

As your Redland City’s Division 10 Councillor since 2012 I am proudly self-funded and independent. I am committed to the best interest of Redland citizens’ long-term future.

As husband, father of four and a professional humanitarian, actor and facilitator, I am committed to working with people toward more ecologically sustainable human futures.

If you wish to volunteer to help my campaign please contact me.
Vote 1 Paul Bishop for a better future.

Let’s Talk!

You can call me on 0432 092 260 or send me an email